Hrishie Raj’s next move “Arai Chaal”

Agartala Dec 08: Multi-starrer upcoming Tollywood movie “Arai Chaal” will feature Tripura’s actor Hrishie Raj, who already worked in big screen.

Produced by Pandey Motion Pictures, Producer Mukesh Pandey, under the direction of Sayan Basu Choudhury, Arai Chaal will feature Tollywood actor Bonny Sengupta, Actress Darshana Banik, Tripura’s talented actor Hrishie Raj, actress Roshni Bhattacharya, Sukanya Basu, Ananda Choudhuri, Tulika Ghosh, Aloke Sanyal and others.

Here is a glimpse of the interview of Director Sayan Basu Choudhury and actor Hrishie Raj with Tripura Times.

Tell us something about the plot of the film. Why the name Arai Chaal?

The film is basically a thriller and revolves around multiple characters and their lives. It will give a full vibe of college romance, action, different shades of life, good music, and an unexpected move to take care of the enemies.

The 1st phase of the shooting has been done prior to Durga Puja and we are ready for the next phase of shoot.

Please highlight the cast and role of Hrishie Raj as a villain in the film.

Bonny Sengupta being the lead male role, Darshana Banik is against him as his wife. Hrishie Raj is playing the role of a villain and actress Roshni Bhattacharya is paired with him.

Hrishie Raj is a great actor, his dedication towards work and the way he reaches the sets after a proper homework is appreciable.


Out of many other movies you directed, how is this different?

The story is different and the audience will love it. It has all the inputs that people love to see in a film. Moreover, it was my dream to direct a thriller, and Arai Chaal is the one I am hoping to be a great project.

What is the probable time of release?

The film will be in front of the audience in the mid of 2024. And I am hopeful that they will like it.

Asking Hrishie Raj about his experience regarding the film, he said, “I am extremely grateful to the Producer Mukesh Pandey for giving me this project. It has always been a pleasure working with director Sayan Basu Choudhury. I am trying to give the best output and rest the audience will decide”.



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