Kajal Chaterjee

As if depriving West Bengal of its fully entitled dues for more than two years, thereby posing a fatal assault upon the economy of the poor persons of the state, was not injurious enough; now salt is being "liberally" sprinkled upon it through bankrupt rhetoric of "returning the loot" to the common people which have been confiscated by the vigilant agencies! 


 Even if it gets ignored how can the "loot" be returned to the common people despite the matter being sub-judice; the "sense of timing" displayed by the political honchos in this context indeed deserves much praise! 


 Since one and only West Bengal is "corrupt" unlike say Gujarat Uttar Pradesh or Assam, the vigilant agencies are invading the state in droves for many years and confiscating the "loot" engineered by the TMC leaders! 


Yet why didn't the heart of the "Bengal lovers" cry on the plight of the poor people previously! Only after the campaigning phase for the 2024 general election starts following notification of the polls, the concerned honchos get reminded of the plight of the poor Bengalis! 


And when would actual delivery on the ground start instead of series and series of of empty promises being offered when the matter concerns actual welfare of the people! Even after passage of a decade covering two consecutive terms in power, the promised Rs.15 lakh has not entered the bank account of a single Indian! Despite so zealous boast of "ensuring" the "reservation of women" in Parliament, it might get implemented only if and when exercise of delimitation and census gets completed! 


In perspective of this "enviable record", it is hardly surprising that poor people of Bengal will receive the "loot" only after the new government at the Centre gets formed! If "everything is possible" under the regime, why doesn't it get ensured that the beleaguered Bengalis receive the "loot" right now ie before the first vote gets cast on April 19th! 


Or do the Bengalis and Indians deserve nothing more than jumla and jumla!


As for the godi-media - - - while BJP has been termed as "current favourite", the Opposition is nothing but "beleaguered" in its opinion! 


 Now the billion dollar question remains BJP is "current favourite" of whom or which sector! 


The Bhakt journalists must keep this hard fact in mind that be it in 2014 or 2019, more than 60% of Indians (who had exercised their franchise) had not voted for the winning party! 


So BJP might be the "favourite party" of the elite, privileged upper middle class and Hindutva fanatics harboring ugly feelings of Islamophobia; but it has not won the hearts of the majority of this secular multi-lingual multi-religious heterogeneous nation. 


 The majority of the nation is simply fed up with the free-flowing communal antics  and absolute failure in all sectors of governance since a decade. Still success is being attained at the national level just because the Opposition votes are getting divided instead of getting cast in favour of a particular secular party. 


 Since Indian democracy is based upon the "first past the post" principle, so the No.1 party in numerical count holds every Constitutional right to place itself on the seat of governance; but never can the party and it's leaders or Bhakts boast it's popularity as "nation wide" or "universal"! 


 And even if the Opposition is "beleaguered", at the end of the day the fact remains that the Who's Who of the dispensation in power are much perturbed about them leading to constant character-assassination of the Gandhis to Mamata Banerjees, Hemant Sorens to Arvind Kejriwals and eager embrace of the leaders from the much-hated "corrupt" and "dynastic" parties within the saffron fold! 


 If sane secular electorate unitedly vote in favour of the strongest candidate in Opposition (irrespective of his/her party affiliation) in all constituencies around the nation, the Who's Who of the ruling dispensation and Bhakts of godi-media will have much surprise waiting for them on the day of counting! 


Remember the hype around "INDIA SHINING" and damp squib thereafter in 2004!



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