While Mamata Banerjee was shining at her gracious humanitarian best by offering condolences to Narendra Modi on the demise of his mother from Howrah station function where many Railway projects were being inaugurated virtually by the Prime minister ; the BJP supporters were at their fanatical crude worst by taunting the West Bengal Chief minister through unnecessary invocation of the highly divisive muscle- flexing Hindutva slogan of "Jai Shri Ram" - - - alien to Bengal and imported from elsewhere ! The impeccable dignity of Banerjee exemplifies what the Bhadralok culture of Bengal is all about in sharp contrast to that of certain states where this rabid slogan full of hatred had originated! 


It seems that BJP is yet to digest the  massive electoral drubbing handed to it by the TMC in 2021 West Bengal Assembly polls, compelling them to take "revenge" against Banerjee through such cheap intimidatory antics ! 


 No condemnation is enough for the uncultured fanatic elements who have made it a habit to insult Mamata Banerjee in the functions organised by Central Government with similar vulgar incident happening inside Victoria Memorial on 23rd January 2021 commemorating the birthday of Netaji! That programme, in the memory of the epitome of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, had been allowed to be tarnished through that communal slogan which is associated with riot-igniting Rath Yatra, Babri Masjid demolition and blatant Muslim bashing!


  However such crude incidents are not entirely surprising; after all what better can be expected from those hypocrite forces who divide multi-religious secular heterogeneous India on communal lines!


  Vandalising Vidyasagar bust, placing Rabindranath image below that of a saffron political heavyweight in a Bolpur electoral banner, character-assassinating  Amartya Sen as "land-grabber", demoting the universal humanitarian Swami Vivekananda to a mere orthodox "Hindutva figure", branding Raja Rammohan Roy as "chamcha" of the British, raising provocative communal chant in a function supposed to "honour" Netaji , repeatedly humiliating West Bengal Chief minister in her own land that too after inviting her  ---- the anti-Bengalism of BJP has simply reached the zenith!


  Even after establishing itself as such a racist anti-Bengali outfit, how can BJP dare to garner votes of Bengalis so as to render success to its ultimate dream of  "Occupying Sunar Bangal"! After all not a single self-respecting Bengali, proud of his/her secular cultural legacy, will vote for such a racist communal outfit whose only mission is to insult humiliate Bengal and Bengalis including their Greats and Honorable Chief Minister at every possible opportunity and forum!


  Lastly, the Who's Who of BJP dare to pay lip service to Netaji-Vivekananda-Tagore at the drop of a hat whenever they step upon Bengal! This divine trinity would have been ashamed of today's India after witnessing the muscle-flexing of "Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan" brigade in this multi-lingual multi-religious secular heterogeneous country, fatal assault upon innocent Muslims and Dalits in the name of "Gomata", infringement upon their dietary rights, official sanction of that imaginary concept of "love jihad", annihilation of secular rationalists like M.M.Kalburgi to Gouri Lankesh, severe throttling of freedom of speech, detention of selfless social activists and student leaders and whoever desire to question the Central power and all such steps rendering fatal blow to the institution of democracy.


It is high time BJP tries to reform itself and dissociate from anti-Bengali anti-minority mindset before dreaming of getting a single vote of a self-respecting Bengali irrespective of his /her religion.



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