Kajal Chaterjee

The "funny story" narrated by a political honcho in a Punjab rally during the last day of campaign (to abuse the AAP) was at the furthest end from an iota of "fun" ; rather it is very crude, inhuman, obscene, tasteless and bears the stigma of class consciousness. However what better can be expected from such a person who could make sexist remarks revolving around Sunanda Pushkar (when she was alive) or engage in a mockery of the pain of the dyslexia patients at an IIT function prior to 2019 general polls so as to taunt the intellect of Rahul Gandhi! 


 Also the comment resides at the furthest end of scientific logic also as there lies no necessity that the child of a thief /bandit will emulate his father as well. How a baby will emerge in future is solely dependent upon his/her upbringing, social milieu and opportunities(or lack of it). So innumerable children of questionable persons grow up as decent honest individuals; in contrast, several instances exist where the offspring has not done justice to the honest noble father. Again how can sane rational scientific talks be expected from such a person who "discovers" plastic surgery/Test tube baby in Ganesh /Karna, comes up with the unique "truth" of radar "failing" to function under cloud cover or that he is nothing but "God"s emissary" (directly sent to earth in "non-biological" fashion)! 


 As if transmitting series of tasteless jokes, inhuman/sexist comments and unscientific rhetoric is not enough, thereby making India simply a "laughing stock" in front of the international community in this age of globalised media; what a relentless abuse of a high Constitutional chair also! While utterance of vulgar communal  barbs is nothing new, which started more than two decades ago, ranging from "We 5 Ours 25" "Shamshan-Kabristan" "where majority is in the minority" (description of Wayanad) to "identify criminals through dress" (to cite just a few); in recent months how crudely the nation got divided in terms of state race and language (Tamil Nadu /Karnataka vs Uttar Pradesh, Telangana/Punjab/West Bengal vs Bihar, Odisha vs Tamil Nadu)! 


In contrast Dr. Manmohan Singh had glorified the highest Chair through impeccable dignity, civility and decency. Is uttering rhetoric in the shrillest possible voice at the drop of a hat in public and taunting, abusing, ridiculing the opposition form the main job of a Prime minister! Is tom-tomming his/her "achievements"(real or projected) relentlessly in all forums possible form the main job of a Prime minister! Rather any sensible Prime minister would silently work behind closed doors or camera in his/her office leaving his contribution to talk for himself/herself !


 And Manmohan Singh used to do this very thing with exceptional dignified silence befitting the Chair of the Prime Minister. When it should have been seen as a positive attribute of Singh as PM, this very quality of remaining "Maun" acted as his political nemesis! Indeed Dr. Manmohan Singh had brought dignity to the office of the Prime minister!


 So Dr. Manmohan Singh, the supremely dignified person of impeccable secularism, deserves a warm salute. May more and more such "MAUN" leaders take the charge of this nation for the sake of the Constitution, secularism, democratic ethos, humanity, humility, civility, simplicity and that remains the earnest prayer of all true sensible Indians.



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