Kajal Chaterjee

"Casteism" in terms of "class" economy "social status" profession and designation dominate over the Indian society since times immemorial with simply no trace of it's coming to end in distant future also! 


So even otherwise very good persons also are often seen to claim that X is a person of "noble family" just because the family boasts of huge bank balance, high-end cars with it's members possessing high profile degrees and enjoying high posts! 


In contrast the family of an honest hard-working labourer with exemplary values and humanity, but with no glamorous academic degrees to flaunt of, is definitely "ordinary"! 


It is unfortunate to witness how such a logical firebrand person as Supriya Shrinate, has also failed to rise herself above such class-based "casteism"! So while brilliantly taking on the "journalists" of Godi -media (correctly terming them as "boot-lickers"), the Honorable Congress spokesperson accuses them of dancing to the "diktat sent by a PMO Chaprasi on WhatsApp"! 


Does Shrinate mean to say that if any high-level Secretary of PMO starts issuing such diktat to the compliant media, then their there lies no question of raising any objection! 


If the answer is "No", then why did Shrinate ridiculously invoke a harmless Chaprasi in this context of political battle of high and mighty! If she doesn't mend her ways, it would get proved that she is supremely class-conscious, though certainly not communal! 


 Similarly it is getting witnessed that several well-meaning persons are protesting against the insensitivity and hypocrisy of the Narendra Modi government for hosting extravagant celebrations at the BJP headquarters in Delhi on a day three "high ranking" (with special stress upon it) Army/police officers were killed in a militant attack! 


While congratulating such protestors, it must also be wondered whether they would have similarly protested had three "ordinary" jawans/constables got massacred in Jammu and Kashmir! Else they wouldn't have repeatedly highlighted the "high-ranking" matter! Yes even in cases of tragic death also, Indian society simply refuses to dissociate itself from "class" identity! No wonder why horrendous death of as many as 26 labourers under a Mizoram railway bridge failed to generate minimum ripples within the Moon-struck minds of privileged Indians! But had a single Indian astronaut met his/her death on a space adventure! There would have been no end of condolence tears and shock for several months! 


 While we must learn to rise above all petty and silly differences of caste religion race sex and nationality in our daily lives; but along with it we must also learn to uplift ourselves from the ugly mindset of class consciousness as well.


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