Why is the world attracted to go to the moon?

Vijay Garg

This was India's third moon mission, which was successful, but there were many questions, why is there a need to spend so much money on the moon, what is there on the moon? In fact, the world is trying to run away from pollution. 10 lakh tons of helium 3 is filled on the moon, which is equal to nothing on earth. Helium-3 is a gas that is a pollution-free alternative to uranium and plutonium. In the world, the closure of coal-fired power plants was followed by the construction of nuclear reactor base power plants, including Paris.The climate accord also includes eliminating carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbon emissions from industries, power plants and vehicles from the earth by 2050, otherwise the earth's ozone layer, which protects us from the sun's ultraviolet rays, will be depleted by the end of this century. will go and the life on earth will also end. Uranium is used as fuel in nuclear power plants, which can keep a power plant running for many years, but it has two major problems. The first problem is that there is very little on earth and where is itIt is very expensive to mine and convert it into fuel, which makes coal cheaper. The second reason is when it becomes a waste after being used, then this waste remains radioactive for several decades, which again makes it very expensive to dispose of it. But on the other hand, helium is also a nuclear fuel, the amount of which is much less required than uranium for a nuclear reactor, and it is not radioactive after becoming waste, but it is almost zero on earth, so it is a cheap and clean fuel even. Even by bringing it from the moon, only India This mission is being talked about because it reached the moon with just as much money as Salman Khan's film. The European Space Agency and NASA revealed many years ago about the existence of large reserves of Helium 3 on the moon, it is the fuel of the future. In the near future, the country that will have the ability to bring helium 3 from the moon will earn not billions or trillions but billions of dollars and India is the master of this race, which has huge energy needs according to its population and at a cheap rate. By bringing other countries will be able to sell Now if you ask why the disaster happened which was supposed to go to the south of the moon, then NASA and the European Space Agency had told that the large deposits of the moon and helium 3 are in the south of the moon, that is why in the S. Chandrayaan mission, NASA and The European Space Agency continuously supported ISRO from its ground station so that there was no room for error during the landing. The Vikram Lander will set new horizons for the future energy needs in the history of the earth including India and when Clean Energy is available in the future, this achievement of ISRO,Vikram Lander will always be remembered in the world because of the research and research that will be done because without energy your phone battery cannot run which is being depleted on earth. This is a historical milestone which you can't expect, this is a big achievement in the world. 

Vijay Garg Retired Principal Educational Columnist Malout Punjab



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