Women in Civil services (Administrative)

Vijay Garg

The current year 2023 will be considered a milestone in the history of India's administrative services because women have got 34 per cent seats in the declared results of this service. Out of total 933 seats, women candidates have been successful in 320 seats. Along with this, women candidates have been successful in the first four places as well. Seeing this, it can be said that for the last 74 years, the participation of women has become remarkable in the country India which is traveling on its progress, but it is only a part of the picture.There is an aspect because if seen in totality, the percentage of women in the total working population of India is still considered to be around 17, but the working population can also be said to be only a partial scale of development because in any society The sure measure of overall development is the status of women in that society, that is, how and in what form the society respects them. Of course, India is continuously moving forward since 1947 on all scales and women are also seen moving forward in every field, but the overall development of womenNo less important is the development of the downtrodden and backward and minority people of the society. It is a matter of pleasure that 24 trainees of the residential coaching center of Delhi's Jamia Millia Islamia University have also been successful in administrative services this time. Every year 100 trainees from dalits, backward and minorities are taken in this center of the university and out of these 24 trainees have been successful this time. This is also believed to be a record. With this the total at all India levelOne-third of the successful candidates have been students of the state of origin Bihar. There was a time when administrative services were considered to be the possession of the so-called elite and elite class only. After independence, there was an outbreak of students from the states of South India and in North India, only students of Allahabad University could dream of passing this exam, but after the 90s, the choice of language as a medium in the IAS exam started increasing. As exemptions went on, so did the courage of the students of North India.His talent could not be suppressed due to being weak in English language. This is the reason that now students from North India are also coming in more numbers in this service, but due to economic liberalization starting in the 90s itself, due to high salaries in corporate sector jobs, the interest of promising students is very high in this direction. Because of which the students considered to be the 'cream' of talent turned to that side. Therefore, some analysts believe that at present only students of the second category of talent are attracted towards IAS.Because the cream goes towards the monthly salary of lakhs of rupees of private foreign and corporate companies. Despite all this, the young generation coming in administrative services comes here with the spirit of social service and patriotism. Of course, there is greed for good salary and service conditions as well as attraction towards high style, but the biggest sense of responsibility remains in all this. The people of India are also surprised when the collector of a district is a young man and he runs the administration of the entire district efficiently., This achievement cannot be called a small one. Because ultimately our democratic governance system runs through the executive only. This system becomes more beautiful when an officer from North India governs a district in South India and a young man or woman from South India becomes the police captain of a district in North India. Therefore, administrative service also strengthens national unity. Every candidate belonging to Dalit or minority class who is successful in these services reflects the all-round progress of India and gives the message that such This is possible only in a democracy. Therefore, administrative officers play a very important role in keeping democracy alive and bring alive the India of Gandhi and Ambedkar's dreams. We can also put the success of women in large numbers in this category. 


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